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Intro to Bellydancing

Sunday 4th of June 15.30-16.30

PLAYPEN -Healing Fields



Learn Bellydance with Medina!


Im so excited to invite you to join us for a FREE bellydance class with LIVE DRUMMING and lots of shimmies! This absolute beginners friendly class is for people of ALL shapes and sizes, all ages and backgrounds.

Its a safe space for us to come together and have as

good time! 


Benefits of Bellydance:

• Accessible for bodies of all ages, shapes and sizes!

• Improves self esteem and confidence

• Helps fight anxiety

• Helps ease chronic back pain

• Fun creative outlet

• Helps improve posture and balance

• A powerful meditative practice


…. Truly the benefits are endless.

Your Facilitator 


Medina was first introduced to ‘belly dancing’ as a child, watching friends and family at traditional festivities.

She then got a deeper, professional introduction over fifteen years ago. Since then, she has travelled and learnt from incredible, internationally respected teachers all over the world.


She spent a year in Cairo/Egypt – the homeland of the dance, learning from masters and immersing herself in the culture.


Currently Medina resides in Malta and offers professional performances all over the island.

She also teaches weekly Group and private bellydance classes.

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