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Permaculture Workshops

At Thrive, we follow the Permaculture philosophy that nature is our teacher. We can follow many principles when observing nature to guide us in designing our life and our lands. We offer a wide range of workshops related to Permaculture, in terms of growing food sustainably and rediscovering the connection with ourselves and each other through nature. These workshops are offered to children and adults alike, normally held at Thrive Gardens, schools, company premises or during larger community events such as festivals, immersions and also in private venues. 

​Some of our workshops include:

  • Introduction to Permaculture

  • Urban Gardening Course 

  • Composting 

  • Grow your own food

  • Trying to Save The World 

  • InterBEEing - Bees as our teachers

  • Deep Ecology 

  • Thrive

  • Zone 00

  • Earthships - Freedom Under One Roof

To read more about our workshops 


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