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About Thrive


Thrive was founded in early 2016 by Alexandra Cachia, birthed from her passion for community and nature. Growing up as an activist and environmentalist, her journey took her through different worlds. From the corporate world to experiencing worldwide travel that eventually led her to an inner journey. Through self-development work and her passion to support a more peaceful and greener world, she discovered the world of permaculture.  She eventually became a Permaculture Designer and Educator, spreading holistic knowledge on health and connecting to nature. Hosting many workshops such as organic gardening and composting, to adults and children alike, at festivals in New Zealand, Holland, UK and Malta. After running a Permaculture research farm in Mgarr Malta, she worked as a farmhand on Malta's leading organic farm. This journey led her to the understanding that our basic human need of community and connection is the way forward in a happier and healthier world. Based on Joanna Macey's philosophy of Deep Ecology, Alexandra and her team are dedicated to bringing people together in a safe space that offers self-expressiveness, playfulness and self-development, to experience oneself, each other and nature. 

Later on her journey, Alexandra was entrusted to curate and manage several workshop areas in local and foreign festivals, providing spaces on self-development, sustainability, wellness and mindfulness. Her passion in this eventually lead her to the birth of Thrive, offering events and workshops that support companies, NGOs and individuals to incorporate health, wellness, and mindfulness in everyday life. 

Our Vision

  • To facilitate the local community to thrive alongside nature. 

  • To support and inspire others to connect to themselves, each other, and the natural world. 

  • To create learning environments that can cultivate self-awareness, fulfilment, balance and peace in life. 

  • To empower individuals to cultivate lifestyles to allow an open expression of one's bliss while being in service to the planet and each other.  

  • To create ecological and wellness-based educational programs and venues, that cultivate community and education by hosting courses on self-development and permaculture, for adults and children.

  • To provide training and school outreach to nurture the connection with ourselves, each other, and nature. 

  • To support, inspire and co-create healthier working environments for both employers and employees.

Vegetable Picking

Our Mission

Providing playful and approachable ways for children, adults and businesses; to gain knowledge and skills that support a meaningful, healthy and nourishing life. Offering workshops, venues and events that are experiential learning programs. Cultivating our connection to nature, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, in which one can Thrive alongside nature. 

Our Team

We are a team of 12 professional and qualified trainers in the fields of Psychology, Neurology, Permaculture, Yoga, Meditation, Life Coaching and Nutrition.

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