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Body Stories'

Sunday 4th of June 13.30-15.00

PLAYPEN -Healing Fields

Healing Fields (Instagram Post (Square)) (4).png


During this performative workshop Charlene Galea (a performance artist) and Julienne Schembri (a somatic movement educator) seek to give importance towards our bodies and the stories held and lived by through sharing and improvising performance tasks. Their artistic practices stem from their interest in analysing the body, recognising the importance of movement to the body, rebuilding the relationship with the body and connecting to one's personal feelings and memories. The workshop starts in the form of a performance lecture between both of them through humor, sarcasm and personal theory of the body that they will share in a unique way. The workshop will move onto personal reflections shared by the community and the aim is to create a safe space for listening compassionately and empathetically for sharing with the group. Play and improvisation tasks will include movement tools related to Witnessing, Mirroring and Embodied Sharing in the form of ‘Text’ and ‘Movements’.

Your Facilitator 


Charlene Galea is a conceptual artist whose body often navigates between online identity and physical experiences. Concepts are mostly presented through performance, in which clothes and movement act as a metaphor to narrate how the body is experienced within contemporary times - focusing on the female identity, the effect of the media and its communication, space, and human relations. In her installations, Charlene often challenges the viewer to immerse in the experience of being present, rather than simply consuming that which is presented. Complex political ideas are usually presented with a healthy dose of humour in the aim of positively influencing various groups of people within society especially those who are not are art connoisseurs. Her education has enabled her to create work that clashes between commercial moods - in turn highly influenced by popular culture - and fine art.


Julienne Schembri is a freelance artist working in the community and performance. She has experience of performing in London, featuring as an ensemble in Wicked in the West End, and working on various projects from Community Dance to Film with artists like Rosemary Lee, Amit Lahav and Anthony Van Laast. As a somatic movement educator, Julienne shares her practice locally across various communities from professional practice for ZfinMalta and Opening Doors Malta to community settings like residential care Homes with The Malta Dementia Society. Her latest projects as a performer include ‘Automaniacs’ and ‘H20 Magnifico’ with a professional Mixed Ability Company for Ziguzajg Festival. Independently, she created and performed in the inaugural Dance Festival Malta with the piece ‘UnCharted Origami’ with percussionist Benji Cachia and co-creates with Dance Beyond Borders where the main performative research explores how to create performances that delve into issues like Borders, Connection, Migration and Change

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