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Wild Love Warriors Dance for a New Earth

Friday 2nd June 19.45-21.15

GAIA DOME -Healing Fields

Healing Fields (Instagram Post (Square)) (24).png


DJ Sugarsnap will guide you on a wild and exhilirating journey! This is a dance to say YES for a new vision, of an evolved world of love, kindness and connection. YES for our natural birthright for equality, justice, respect, and abundance for all. We celebrate all beings awakening to the majestic, divine, multi-dimensional beings that we truly are. We are invited to connect to our inner warrior, where will dance our force of love for a new vision. This is an opportunity to collectively dance into a global transformation of co-creation with a deep yet playful dance that will be a collective innovocation for a new vision, of an Earth our hearts know is possible

Your Facilitator

DJ Sugarsnap was birthed in the UK. The Lovechild of the Maltese Fire Galetti Godess and the mystic British love warrior. This being is a farmer by day and DJ by night, passionate about facilitating wild, ecstatic dance journies, that reminds us to not take life so seriously and play; yet to also use the divine life we have been given as a force for love!

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