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The Art of Yin – Yoga of slowing down

Sunday 4th of June 09.00-10.00

GAIA DOME -Healing Fields



Practice of Yin Yoga was developed in 70-s connecting Chinese Daoist theories and Indian Hatha Yoga. It is based on the idea of duality of both energies of life Yin and Yang: feminine and masculine, heating and cooling, death and birth, love and hate.

We live in a very Yang-powered society, where slowing down is becoming an art – the art of being present and mindful. There are various ways to master the craft of balancing both energies and one of them is Yin Yoga.

In this workshop Ksenia will guide you through a slow yet rewarding practice. During the class asanas will be held for longer, working deep, dense connective tissues and joints of the body. And this is where the magic happens – by holding postures for an extended amount of time, we are opening blockages and help the stagnant energy and emotions get released out of our body. We marinate and soak into the juiciness of postures while giving the time to our bodies, minds and souls to start restoring by switching from stress and busyness into stillness and surrender.

This workshop is to rediscover the power of diving inwards, slowing your body and mind down, going beyond the muscles on a physical level and releasing the stagnant emotions and mental tension.

Your Facilitator 


Ksenia’s spiritual journey started when she was studying Japanese language and culture as a part of her University course. That’s when she got fascinated by Eastern teachings and philosophy. It continued after discovering yoga and introducing it into her routine, which changed it drastically by triggering the awareness of doing what you love and serving people with your knowledge.

She moved to Malta 7 years ago to do a voluntary service at the local social Center (Centru Tbexbix). After finishing volunteering she started to work in a school which inspired her to join Kids Yoga Training and start to teach it to the children. Half a year after she went to India, Dharamashala to do her 200-Hours Yoga course.

A year later she spent 1,5 months in Koh Phangan island in Thailand as a Karma Yoga Student in Samma Karuna Healing and Awakening School. Following her spiritual journey she has also got a Reiki Level 1 certification done.

Her classes are inspired by the classical yoga tradition as well as by her personal discoveries of new styles of the practice, that she learnt throughout the years from teachers of different schools of Yoga.

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