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Earth Garden Healing Fields
For detailed workshop descriptions click here:

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The Healing Fields is a co-created space that focuses on interactive workshops that encompass a large range of topics, in relation to our planet and our people. Every year our intention is to create a safe haven of community for festival attendees. A home that is not only a place for learning and exploring alternative topics but also a place for community and transformation!

We offer participants an opportunity to experience community, connection, and alternative knowledge through broad topics, covering self-awareness & spirituality, personal transformation & growth, sustainability, conscious activism & permaculture. Basically aiming to share any knowledge that can support us to live happier and healthier, through our mind, body, and spirit. While also learning how we can best serve our planet and people. We are living in exciting times, where together we are contributing to a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Some taster workshops in the past years have been: Mindfulness, Breathwork, Family Constellations, Ecstatic Dance, Meditation, Yoga, Permaculture, Art Healing, Acroyoga, Martial arts, conscious business, positive activism, self-development practices, conscious sexuality, community and connection-building activities. The space is co-created by a large team of ambassadors, that support the vision of us thriving as human beings to our full potential alongside a flourishing environment. 


This year we have three areas:

1. The Gaia Dome; Workshops on Spirituality / self-development / mindfulness / health and wellbeing)

2. Eco Haven; Environment + Sustainability + Community Area

3. The Playpen; Body + Movement + Performance Area 

Join us! Here are ways you can be involved:

  1. Volunteer; We need all sorts of help, with making decor, setting up the festival and also during the festival, so please get in touch and send us an email, if you would like to be involved!

  2. Facilitate; To host a workshop or activity, please click the link below to apply.

  3. Offer a therapy or service; To have your own stall and offer a service or therapy, please also click the link below.

  4. NGOs; We are offering a free spot for an information table for NGOs, so please get in touch if you are interested.

Applications to apply to host or facilitate a workshop with us at the healing fields as now closed.

We also offer the opportunity for therapists to have a stall where they can offer their services. For example massage, reiki etc. If you would like to apply click below:


Below are some links to get an idea of what the space is like, these are pictures back when we curated the healing fields by Why Not ?


Some Photo Albums of our last healing fields:

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