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Glasswalking - Breakthrough Primal Fear

Saturday 3rd of June 15.00-16.30

PLAYPEN -Healing Fields



The workshops have a high visual, emotional, spiritual and transformational impact with very low risk because the whole process is managed professionally and safely. These practices awaken inner power, to strengthen the spirit, body, mind, emotions. By facing and overcoming an instinctive and primal fear people transform on the deepest levels. They face their fears, weaknesses and limits and this creates mentally a sense of self-responsibility over their choices and decisions, as well as emotional resilience and self-control.

Your Facilitator 

Reg supports clients from all walks of life with elemental practice in their development, healing and achieving more in their lives. After hundreds of his own firewalks, he strongly believes that these experiences are beneficial to our wellbeing on many levels and “It was life changing experience” is often the most common feedback he receives from clients after his firewalking workshops.

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