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Goddess Meeting of Love with Kuan Yin: Meditation, Mantra, Attunement & Ceremony

Sunday 4th of June 10.15-11.45

GAIA DOME -Healing Fields

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Devotion to Goddess is a workshop that focuses on cultivating Love and devotion to higher power of Goddess Kuan Yin, connecting with mantras and meditation.


Learning about Goddess qualities is essential in understanding that the divine feminine can help us to better connect with our inner power, wisdom and Love. Goddess qualities are often associated with nurturing and compassion, as well as strength and resilience. By understanding these qualities, we can learn to cultivate and embody them in our own lives. Not only can this lead to more meaningful and fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others, but it can also help us to create a more harmonious and balanced society.

Your Facilitator 


Lyonne Sundari is a way-shower and guide who teaches from a Non-Dual perspective and intuitively uncovers peoples’ potential to become empowered and awakened to the inherent truth of one's deepest Self. She has worked with people from all walks of life as a teacher, healer, and mentor.


Divine transmissions with Lyonne have a special quality of Loving Presence, which is both powerful and radiant, melting and merging with your heart. Lyonne teaches a powerful way to unconditionally remain in your deepest Being so that you can gradually dissolve your sense of separation.

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