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Harnessing the Energy of Money

Saturday 3rd of June 15.30-17.00

GAIA DOME -Healing Fields



In this meditative communal exploration you'll discover: Your stories and limitations around allowing the energy of money to flow freely A ritual to let go of what's getting in the way of you fully harnessing the energy of Money Your personal Standards of Integrity: the Values that will bring you Harmony, Meaning, Satisfaction and Fulfillment with Money Your Life’s Intentions: your Hero's Journey into the core of who you are Life's Playing Field: some practical tools for your personal success

Your Facilitator 

Chloé Tahnée is a mindfulness Guide, ICF certified Wellbeing and Integration Coach and eternal student of life, love & play.

 She has lived in Switzerland, Guatemala, San Francisco, CA and now Gozo and has brought the experiences from those places, communities and cultures to support her free-spirited life’s journey and the people around her to approach life from a place of authenticity, courage, integrity & play

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