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Healing Fields Closing Ceremony

Sunday 4th of June 19.00-20.00

GAIA DOME -Healing Fields

Healing Fields (Instagram Post (Square)) (23).png


Join us at the Closing Ceremony of the Healing Fields. This will be a playful closing celebration to conclude the area and the journey through the Healing Fields through connection, play, dance. We invite you to join us as a community to unify as a collective group to continuously invite a world, of love, transformation and healing.

Your Facilitator 


Thrive is a social enterprise dedicated to support connection to the self, each other, and to the natural world. Thrive strives to create playful learning environments that can cultivate self-awareness, balance and nurtured inner world. Through community, events and workshops empower individuals to cultivate lifestyles to allow an open expression of one's bliss while being in service to the planet and each other.

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