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Journey to the Centre- Meeting the Inner Healer

Saturday 3rd of June 12.00-13.30

GAIA DOME -Healing Fields



In this talk, it is our hope to guide you through an intellectual and physical journey of the bodies innate healing prowess. We will start with a brief overview of the current state of medicine and the path we took to get there followed by introducing the Old Doctor and the lessons he can teach us about keeping others alive and healthy.


At this stage we will be ready to take a deep dive into Energetic Healing, from esoterica to the latest research, covering chakra's, the meridian system, vitality and some physics!


After we resurface, we will warm ourselves with a positive outlook for the future of our health and some closing advice to take home.


This workshop will be conducted as a talk/ discussion with short activities mixed in to tickle the senses and further root the philosophical teachings

Your Facilitator 

Leonard graduated from the European School of Osteopathy and practiced in several clinics across the U.K before coming back to Malta.


Through competition he has gained a broad experience in numerous sports through this he understands how the body must adapt itself uniquely to perform well in a sport and he strives to help others achieve success and limit injuries in their activities.


Outside of the realm of structure and form, Leo has untaken to school himself in the teaching of Eastern and Western philosophy, psychology and cognitive behavioural therapies , with the hope of better guiding himself through this world and to act as a signpost for his patients looking for a guide to help them with their mental/emotional healing.


Leo has a passion for happiness. His mission is to help people of all ages and cultures to realise the optimum health inherent in them. His aim is to encourage his patients to strive and achieve their personal fulfilment. It is his firm belief that everyone has the power to achieve confident, beautiful movement.


Through patient empowerment he can help to facilitate the unity between body, mind and soul with his patients thereby aiding them to gain greater happiness.

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