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Letting go - A Journey into Nature and Plant Medicine

Saturday 3rd of June 14.00-15.00

ECO HUB -Healing Fields



How embarking on a self discovery journey opens up doors for new possibilities by getting out of the system and stepping into the unknown. Allowing time and space for oneself to dive into the heart and listening to one s true calling. The amazing power of nature and reconnecting with mother earth our true mother. How she guides us and provides us with all the tools / herbs/ plants that help us in healing past trauma, painful emotions and showing us how to live more freely without turning to any substances or habits that mask this emptiness or pain.

Will also be sharing more about different plant medicine their properties and healing possibilities as well as tips on how to prepare mentally and physically.

Your Facilitator 


Katia has always felt that there was more to life than what we are taught or shown. Something inside of her always had a curiousity for the spiritual world. This led her to explore various healing modalities like yoga, reiki, constellations and spirit groups. Then 10 years ago after losing her mum and a painful break up plant medicine came into her life and since then her perspective of life changed totally.

Eventually it led to her leaving the island for a long travel in Central and South America.

This was the best university of life - travelling on her own with a few possessions in unknown lands. In Guatemala she met ceremonial cacao which started opening the heart leading her to her next calling Colombia where she met the indigenous people and eventually connected with plant medicine again. Spirit led her to Equador where she dove deep in inner work and received different forms of plant medicine. A year later spirit showed her to share these experiences and some of the medicine itself and so after 3 years on the road she returned to Malta.

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