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Men's Circle

Saturday 3rd of June 10.00-11.00

PLAYPEN -Healing Fields



This workshop will provide a safe space to explore our emotions, which are often neglected in a society that primarily values our rational side. We will be able to confront our deepest fears and repressed feelings, with the support of other men. The framework of this workshop is designed to help us navigate and embody the four different archetypes that make up our healthy masculine core. Ranging from the healthy competition and strength of the warrior to the nurturing vulnerability of the lover when attuned to his emotions.

Your Facilitator 


Santi is a somatic breathwork facilitator who, since 2020, has embarked on a mission to help men break free from societal standards and discover their true inner potential, through the creation of a healthier paradigm of masculinity. Over the past three years, he has hosted workshops and retreats in various locations such as Colombia, Bali, and Malta. Santi is fully dedicated to creating a safe space for men to explore their emotions and confront their fears without judgment. Providing the necessary tools for men to become the best version of themselves. His teachings focus on embodying the masculine archetypes of the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover, through mental clarity, effective communication, self-actualization, and emotional regulation

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