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Permaculture in the Maltese Climate

Sunday 4th of June 15.30-17.00

ECO HUB -Healing Fields



Permaculture principles and land designs with special focus on capturing rainwater, to heal Mother Earth, our Body and every Being around us.


We will first dive into understanding what permaculture is and why it is so important to heal our beloved earth.


We will then talk about different permaculture principles, after which we will target several practical methods which will help us to immediately start applying permaculture principles in our community, whether it’s a home, a public area, our land or our own garden.

Your Facilitator 


Green Fingers Club is an educational demonstration site where the most depleted land is being regenerated into a forest. Their Mission is to educate, to empower and inspire everyone to take action, so that Together We Can Make Malta Green Again.


In three years, they have turned white dust into soil, started a beyond organic vegetable garden, and planted hundreds of young trees, while teaching and inspiring thousands to start their own regenerative journey towards a healthier, greener Malta.


Thanks to people like you, they raise funds through CSR Team Building Activities, Educational Workshops, Tree Adoptions and other sustainable methods, to continue planting more trees each year and into exciting regenerative projects.

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