Our facilitator Rico Bergemann is offering Reflection sessions for individuals and/or for couples. He uses restorative practices such as non-violent communication, active listening and restorative circle to offer support with communication and facilitating empathy and understanding. This is helpful for conflict resolution or to gain some reflection and resolution for any inner struggles or tension with yourself or someone in your life (the other person does not need to be involved in the process). For example the sessions can also act as mediation for any tension or stickiness in romantic relationships or with family and friends.

 This is for you, if

  • You are wishing for a more intimate and compassionate relationship with yourself, your partner, friends, family and community.

  • You struggle to express yourself or feel empathy for others (or yourself) in times of conflict.

  • You are curious to learn about communication skills and approaches to meet human needs (based on NVC and Restorative Circles).

  • You are feeling confused or stuck and would like to know what lies beneath those feelings.

  • You want to transform anger, guilt, shame and blame.

  • You want to access vulnerability without giving up on your sense of power and choice.

  • You want to explore habits or patterns that no longer serve you.

  • You need a third party (mediator) in conflicts that don’t seem to resolve.

What Happens in a Session

  • Checking in where we are at the moment, what is alive in us 

  • Formulating the desired outcome 

  • Creating a safe container to support what wants to unfold inside 

  • Acknowledging what changes in us throughout the process and what comes up 

  • Resulting when a stable emotional plateau is reached 

  • Formulating subsequent steps that will bring you closer to your harmonious goal 

Duration and Contribution

A session lasts around 2 hours, with a sliding scale investment of 25-80€ depending on your capacity and how valuable it is for you. 

Also on Offer

Coaching and material to establish and improve compassionate communication skills that allows maneuvering through conflicts on ones own.

Your Facilitator Rico Bergemann

Rico from Berlin, is passionate to work to restore harmony and compassion within the self, the relationship to others and to the environment. He uses his intuition and insights gained out from his life and work experiences. His background started as child athlete, sports school and a degree in mechanical engineering. After his studies, his travels all over Europe allowed him to work and experience varied vocations, from assisting teaching in a primary school,  working as an engineer in Germany, picking grapes in Switzerland, assisting a car mechanic, living in an Eco-village in Sicily, working in construction in Malta and many more.


Through this variety, he learned how to connect and empathise with many diverse people from different backgrounds. He explored self development, starting with meditation; he then pursued varied self-improvement practices such as Non-Violent Communication (NVC), Tantra, Bhakti Yoga and Vipassana. He discovered how integral it is that well-being includes a holistic combination of physical health parameters (nutrition and fitness) and altering the mind to restore harmony within.


He became very motivated to address communication struggles in his relationships, which led him to discover NVC. A great tool to re-establish compassion while considering all needs involved to find solutions that work for everyone. Through following questions like “Who am I?” and “What is life about?” he became rooted in self-inquiry, leading him to share these benefits with others. The shift in perspective can support life to become easier and more joyful. 

For enquiries or to book a session contact or +356 79389973

Restorative Connection Sessions

Rico supported my partner Dara and I in a spontaneous reflection session when we were stuck in some patterns that were creating violent communication and passive aggression. His ability to listen empathically and neutrally was a great support for us to bring the situation into the depth of what we were truly feeling inside ourselves and beyond the surface projections. I thoroughly encourage you to enjoy time with Rico and allow him to reflect what you may be finding hard to see. This intuitive ability that he shows, feels natural, loving and sincere.



Simon Paul Sutton

I can highly recommend Rico as a fascilitator and wonderful human being. When witnessing and benefitting from the gentle and yet profound work he offers I felt immediately seen and held in a space of great empathy, non-judgment and love. Its hard to describe something that unfolds so naturally and let’s the heart melt so softly. And It’s really worth it.



Dara Stara