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Sound Chakra Yoga

Saturday 3rd of June 09.00-10.00

GAIA DOME -Healing Fields



Sound Chakra Yoga is a special Yoga practice to unblock the Chakras, so the energy can flow freely through the body. The practice includes specific asanas during a soundbath with shamanic instruments.The Didgeridoo, Hang drum, Native american flutes, Shimes, Sansula and Singing Bowls. Each Chakra resonates with a specific instrument, while holding a specific posture. That leads to better health, promotes self-awareness and spiritual wisdom.

Your Facilitator 

Sabine, a certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher is living in Malta and in Switzerland. She studied the traditional Hatha Yoga in Vrindavan , India and Rudraprayag, Himalayas.

Since more than 15 years she is teaching Yoga and Meditation with all her passion and heart, in classes, one to one and hosting work-shops. Besides of that, Sabine is organizing Yoga retreats and every winter she is teaching in different resorts in Africa and India.

A second passion of her is music, and playing shamanic instruments like the Hang drum and the Native American Flute.

Sabine also loves all kind of sports, festivals and healthy food.

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