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The Art of Letting Go – Icebath and Breathwork

Sunday 4th of June 11.30-13.00

PLAYPEN -Healing Fields

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Are you feeling trapped, anxious or tense? We become so habituated to tension that we have come to believe that it is our natural state. We were not born anxious, preoccupied and distracted but we have managed to think our way into those states over a long period of time.


If you hold on to fear, ego, pride, self-pity, doubt, lust, guilt… you will not truly step into your potential. One of the kindest and most empowering things you can do, not just for yourself, is to let go.


‘We have to make peace in ourselves first to make peace in the world. When we can reconcile and transform our suffering, we are also taking care of the world.’ (Thich Nhat Hanh)


In this class we will release what is not serving us. First the hypnotic Waterfall meditation will assist you in accessing the happiness that is already inside of you and after we will breathe together to carefully selected music. We will let go of fear, frustration and anxiety, and call up on our Inner Warrior to embrace freedom and connect to a New Vision.

Optional Letting Go icebath meditation will follow.

Your Facilitator 


Pavla is originally from the Czech Republic but has been living in Malta for the past 25+ years with her Maltese husband, two children and a cat. She is a health coach, My Heroic Wellness founder and first Wim Hof Method instructor in Malta with the focus on intentional inner work. She is trained in Integrative Nutrition, Holistic health coaching, Reiki, Energy healing, Advanced Stress Management and Breathwork (WHM, SOMA). She loves sharing health & lifestyle advice, recipes, biohacking tips, meditation and breathwork.

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