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Join us Saturday 2nd March

Duncan Elf (Duncan F) & DJ Sugarsnap (Thrive) present:

✨ The Farm Party  ​

✨ Malta’s first Alcohol & Drug Free Party ​​

✨ All ages welcome 

✨ Date 2nd March 3pm-10pm

✨Thrive Farm (Malta - Wardija)

✨ Ticket Contribution: Sliding Scale €25-€50

(Book online or Tickets at the door €50)

Mark your calendars for the 2nd of March, from 3pm to 10pm, as Duncan Elf and DJ Sugarsnap (Alexandra) join forces to curate a one-of-a-kind event. Picture this: Two DJs, a vibrant organic farm, and an invitation to revel in the essence of life without the need for alcohol or drugs. It's an opportunity to tap into our natural lifeforce, to immerse ourselves in the joy of clean, unadulterated fun, and wake up the next day without a hint of regret.

Duncan and Alexandra, both seasoned veterans of Malta's clubbing scene, bring a fresh perspective to the party scene that they've long been a part of. Duncan F, a renowned name in the party circuit for over two decades, is teaming up with Alex from Thrive to offer a new kind of celebration. They're inviting you to let dance, music, and human connection be the catalysts for a natural high. And fear not about the morning after – this is a party with a difference. As you dance the night away, there will be tantalizing snacks and wild soup available for purchase, all crafted from the organic produce harvested right from the thriving farm.

The soundtrack to your night will be curated by two exceptional DJs: Duncan Elf, serving up electronic & instrumental vibes, and DJ Sugarsnap, weaving the best of the 60s, 70s, and 80s with contemporary electronic beats. And for those looking to heighten their senses in a natural way, the elixir bar will be brewing up mocktails infused with natural stimulants like cacao, guarana and more. 

Now, imagine all of this happening in the newly renovated ex-chicken hatchery warehouse, transformed into a conscious dancefloor for the occasion. This setting is the canvas for an experience that transcends the typical party scene. As the night unfolds, our event will offer more than just music and dance. Step into the enchantment of our outdoor fire circle, where, weather permitting, you can gather under the vast night sky for a dance break and a chat. Sip on warm drinks like cacao and chai available for purchase, creating a cozy atmosphere that complements the crackling warmth of the fire. As the flames dance in the fire circle, we'll also treat you to a mesmerizing fire performance that will add a touch of magic to the night. And to conclude this, we have a special treat for you—a soothing ambient musical performance featuring some surprise guest artists.


So, whether you're by the fire, savouring a warm beverage, or swaying to the beats on the conscious dancefloor, every element of the evening is carefully curated to immerse you in a sensory journey, creating memories that linger long after the music fades away. Join us for a night of connection, warmth, and a celebration of the elements that make life truly extraordinary.

The Venue

Thrive Farm (Wardija, Malta), a sanctuary of organic and wellness, where the focus is on cultivating connections—with nature, ourselves, and each other. Through permaculture, community engagement, and educational events, Thrive Farm is not just hosting a party; it's fostering a celebration that goes beyond the beats, creating memories that resonate with the heart and soul.

Meet Duncan Elf

Duncan, a key player who's been shaping the party scene on the Maltese islands for over 2 decades. A social architect of good vibes, doing the DJ, Performer & Promoter thing, party history in the making. Duncan's all about cranking up the feeling through music and connecting people for a good time. A creative wizard, juggling his musical mojo and spinning house, ceremonial music, acid breaks, tribal & psychedelic loops. That mix is his secret potion, the one that makes his festival sound explode with energy. Over the years Duncan's been around, throwing parties and getting people moving in over 20 cities. Now settled in Malta, cooking up excitement with his events company Guru Events, The Bubble - not just a festival, but a whole vibe of music and arts curated by Duncan. Duncan's also got festival acts like Anunaki and Maya, all happening under his stage name, Duncan Elf. And he's not stopping – Nature Dance is his latest inspiration, and now brace yourself for The Farm Party! Get ready to dance on the Farm, it's gonna be a blast! 🎉🌾🕺

Meet DJ Sugarsnap

Get ready to groove with the dynamic and eco-conscious beats of DJ Sugarsnap! Hailing from the sunny landscapes of Malta, this nature-loving maestro is not just about dropping sensational tunes but also making the world a greener place, one compost heap at a time. A true compost queen and recycling ambassador, DJ Sugarsnap seamlessly blends her passion for the environment with her love for classic tunes from the groovy '70s, the electric '80s, and the iconic '90s. Picture this: as she spins those nostalgic beats, she's also encouraging you to compost your worries away and dance like nobody's watching.

Tickets -Sliding Scale:

In the spirit of inclusivity, we have introduced a sliding scale option for this event, allowing everyone with varying incomes to contribute based on what feels affordable and reflects the value they place on our offerings. The scale ranges from €25 to €50. If financial constraints pose a challenge for you at this moment, please reach out to us for the possibility of an energy exchange.

Secure your spot by making a payment through the provided link: [Payment Link]. Your participation is valued, and we want to ensure that financial considerations do not hinder anyone from joining this enriching experience. Feel free to connect with us if you have any questions or if an alternative arrangement is needed.


Why Alcohol and Drug Free?

We've decided to host a party without alcohol and drugs, as Duncan and Alexandra aim to cultivate an environment where these substances aren't essential for enjoyment. Let's celebrate using our inherent vitality to experience joy, excitement, and fun. We invite those who haven't danced publicly without relying on alcohol to explore an alternative and often more authentic and nourishing way to party. That is often extremely liberating!

About Thrive Social Enterprise

Providing playful and approachable ways for children, adults and businesses; to gain knowledge and skills that support a meaningful, healthy and nourishing life. Offering workshops, venues and events that are experiential learning programs. Cultivating our connection to nature, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, in which one can Thrive alongside nature.

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