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The Gift of Anxiety: Healing the Inner Child & Unleashing your Inner Potential

Sunday 4th of June 13.45-15.15

GAIA DOME -Healing Fields



This workshop will be a deep dive into why we feel anxious. Starting from our earliest experiences in childhood, we will explore our relationship with our inner child and what coping mechanisms for stress we developed. From there we will understand how we can deal with anxiety in a way that brings more ease to our lives. How we can learn to cope with overwhelming emotions and how we can step into a more wholehearted and integrated version of ourselves.

Your Facilitator 


Yasmin is the Founder of Sanya Eco Spa. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 13 years, and has travelled extensively around India and Indonesia in search of spiritual wisdom and knowledge. She has also studied Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Mate, undergoing a deep dive into childhood trauma and anxiety. Yasmin is also a breathworker and regularly runs workshops at Sanya.

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