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Thrive Festival

Get ready for the first-ever Thrive Festival happening from April 19-21, 2024 🌿! It's not your typical festival; it's a fusion of camping festival vibes and a retreat atmosphere, bringing together the closeness of a small group and the freedom to explore different spaces 🎉. The aim is to strengthen our connections with nature, our community, and ourselves, while also expressing reverence to Mother Earth.

Immerse yourself while camping in the lush surroundings of Thrive Farm 🏕️, a unique setting where workshop spaces like the newly converted hatchery, biogesic dome, and ancient carob and olive forest serve as the backdrop for playing, connecting, learning, and growing 🌳. Dive into various interactive workshops that let you engage with natural elements like fire, water, air, and earth 🔥💧🌬️🌍. Expect Music, Dance, and Play in a very natural way! 🎶💃🌿

The festival offers a mix of experiences, including permaculture knowledge-sharing, foraging, herbalism, and Earth Ceremonies such as a Tea ceremony, amongst others☕. Explore deep ecology, drum & song circles, dance, NIA, soma breathwork, Temazcal, ice baths, camping, and hot tubs 🌊❄️🏞️. It's a diverse lineup designed for a unique and down-to-earth experience focused on play, connection, learning, and growth 🌱. A more detailed programme will be released closer to the date.

Grab your early bird ticket now at 123 euros! 🎟️ This special rate is limited to the first 75 tickets and until the 31st March 2024. We invite you to embrace this weekend as an honoring of the sacred bond between humanity and the natural world 🌍. Feel the cleansing embrace of Temescal and the invigorating rush of ice baths, awakening your senses and revitalizing your spirit 💫. 🌈✨

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Thrive Festival offers a weekend of immersive camping to deepen your connection with nature, offering all basic facilities such as toilets, showers, and filtered drinking water. 


You are invited to bring your own camping gear OR upgrade to our luxurious Glamping option for a hassle-free festival experience! Arrive to find your bell tent fully equipped with cosy bedding and fresh linen, ready to embrace you in comfort and style. Glamping Tickets will be available in March.



You are welcome to bring your own food and meals, while we will also be offering food for sale, prepared by Daniel from Marrow. If you wish to fully relax and carry less, choose to indulge in delicious vegan and vegetarian meals using local, seasonal, and wild veggies; available for purchase individually on-site or in advance with our recommended Meals package. More Info Coming Soon...


While this edition is exclusively for adults due to logistical considerations and limitations, we eagerly anticipate the possibility of future editions where the magic of all children can be embraced, and we would love parents' contribution through your feedback - please give us your tips in this form here.


The ticket price covers the entrance to the festival, all workshops, activities, campsite usage, and facilities such as hot tubs, ice baths, and Temazcal. Additionally, unlimited drinking water is included.


Early Bird Tickets are priced at €123

Regular tickets are priced at €155

3 Part Monthly Installment Tickets €51

Volunteer Tickets 

Alcohol and Drug Free Festival

We've decided to host the festival without alcohol and drugs, as we aim to cultivate an environment where these substances aren't essential for enjoyment. Let's celebrate using our inherent vitality to experience joy, excitement, and fun.

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