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Unguard Your Heart

Sunday 4th of June 10.00-11.00

PLAYPEN -Healing Fields

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Unguard Your Heart is based on the principle that "An Open Heart is Even Better than a Naked Fart!" So goes this wise saying by a person I often admire and have slowly come to trust - Myself.

This workshop is intended for persons who struggle with feelings of inferiority and insecurity, and patterns of overthinking. One way we can cut through the thickness of our thinking is with humour; another way is through authenticity. This workshop combines both.


Attendees are first invited to simply sit together and share what's on their mind presently.

They will then be invited to pick an unseen question from a hat or bag. It is a question which requires an authentic answer from within.

Prior to answering the question, a short meditation is held to allow for openness and release of tension.


Participants are encouraged to answer the question from the heart. No bullsh*t, just plain honesty. Answers will be shared, and loving space will be held for each one, in silence. As the answers unfold, so does our shared experience of humanity. We may observe how our initial fear or shyness of one another shifts into comfort and understanding. We may feel how our easily our hearts connect to one another when we open a slight window of opportunity. We may notice our tension dissolving into loving presence.


After a brief period of reflection, the session will end with a final collective question aimed at bringing out our humorous self - an important reminder not to take things too seriously as we walk on our way.

Your Facilitator 


Maria is a qualified Professional Life Coach with a background in social service, teaching and lecturing. She has a Masters in Humanitarian Action, paired with extensive experience working with individuals of diverse backgrounds, abilities, identities and circumstances. Maria is also a solo parent and lover of cats. Through coaching, her aim is to open a space for you to listen deeply to yourself, to let your mask slip off and allow your vulnerable self to make an appearance on this earth. Maria's coaching sessions are heart-oriented, and you may well find yourself crying both tears of relief and tears of laughter as you sit in the loving space created by her sessions

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