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Wellness in the Workplace

Our corporate portfolio includes workshops and activities tailored to those who work in a professional environment. The workshops offer participants tools that can support life and its demands. Today, life can be demanding and sometimes wellness can take a backseat.  These workshops target our most basic human needs: self-actualisation, esteem, love and belonging.  

We offer a rich, holistic portfolio, incorporating a well-rounded range of topics, including the following:

Improve Focus, Relieve Stress, Relaxation

  • Meditation for Stress and Anxiety

  • “Stress-Less” Interactive Workshop

  • Sound Bath - Relaxation Session

  • Martial Arts: Qi Gong / Tai Chi - Workshop

Build Professional Soft-skills and Team Bonding

  • Connection and Trust - Workshop 

  • Communication and Authenticity - Workshop

  • Love and Manage your Time; Exhaustion is Optional - Workshop

  • Business & Self-Growth; Your Work as a Self-Development Tool 

  • “Exceeding Limitations” - A Motivational Speech and Workshop

Body Movement and Health

  • Office or Desk Yoga - Workshop

  • Fitness for Busy People - Workout

  • Improve Posture, Endurance and Flexibility - Interactive Talk

  • Healthy Eating On-the-Go - Workshop

  • Healthy Chocolate Making - Workshop

  • Trail Running

  • Rock Climbing

These workshops aim to bring harmony when dealing with life's challenges; support participants to maintain a work-life balance by providing tools and techniques to design a healthy, balanced life that supports us to thrive as human beings. 

All workshops are 1.5 hours long with a capacity of 15-25 participants, depending on the type of workshop you choose.

Custom workshops and packages are also available.

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