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Your Impact for your Organic Future

Saturday 3rd of June 17.00-18.30

ECO HUB -Healing Fields



When we start to realize exactly how our everyday choices impact the world around us, there is no turning back. There are numerous instances in our lives where our choices do not only effect us, but have a ripple effect on all that surrounds us, namely people and planet. We are now in a time where the information and tools that we need to alter our daily consumer habits are there and readily available to us.


The Carbon Footprint from our consumer goods is finally a more widely understood and concerning issue. Your food, your fashion and your furniture all weigh heavily upon our people and our planet. It is therefore important to understand where in these three areas we can you make some small changes which have some big positive impacts.


Choosing local food, grown organically, has an effect not only to your health but that of the land and ultimately of the farmer. Choosing second hand clothes, because there is enough to go around. Furniture? There is nothing like salvaged, quality furniture made by real carpenters.

Pride yourself in being part of the solution by doing what you can, when you can.

This is already enough.

Your Facilitator 


Emanuela, founder of the Veg Box at the Farmery in Manikata.

The Veg Box is a local shop that provides pesticide free local products. Which also bridges the gap that has grown over the last 40 years between farmers of the land and consumers of the food. Emanuela is very passionate about her work which is everything related to local organic fruits and vegetables, gardening, farming, second hand clothes, salvaged and restored furniture and all things natural / rural. She wishes for more and more people to find ways to support local agriculture, be open to second hand clothes and look for thrift when shopping. Malta is a magical place where we have access to ways to be more sustainable in our everyday choices. We just need to be willing to go that extra mile and change our habits.

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