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Wellness in the Workplace

“Wellness in the Workplace” is corporate portfolio consisting of a variety of workshops and activities tailored to support the corporate sector. 

We offer skills and workshops that support companies, NGOs and individuals to incorporate health, wellness, and mindfulness in everyday life. 

We offer FREE consultation sessions!


What do we offer?


At Thrive we offer production and management of all types of events related to wellness, health, mindfulness, permaculture and human connection. Events such as corporate wellness programmes, festival workshop areas, retreats or one-off workshops. The events and services offer participants spaces to be their authentic selves, to experience freedom, and courage to step into vulnerability. Allowing safe spaces to rediscover the connection with one's own self, with each other and with nature. 


Get your Free Urban Gardening Manual

In this manual, we share all the information that we feel is relevant to get you started on your first home garden. There is no explicit recipe book with gardening just basic guides, you must learn through understanding the environment you are working with through trial & error. 

You can download the manual in both Maltese and English! The actual manual is generic for all climates and container gardens (growing food on rooftops and balconies).


There are also specific resources for growing in the Maltese Climate in one of the folders. 

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