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Conscious Parenting

Saturday 3rd of June 10.30-11.30

GAIA DOME -Healing Fields



The workshop is facilitated by Joya Dixon a conscious parenting coach graduated from a conscious parenting expert Dr. Shefali’s coaching institute since 2021. The main focused topics are “reparenting” and “connection”. At the introduction stage Joya will create a safe, connected, ease, trust and heartfelt environment to provide a fundamental knowledge about conscious parenting. She will also share her own experience on how conscious parenting transformed her in her own life.


The workshop will provide level of experiential learning, we will deeper dive into the content and heart of the material with group sharing, PowerPoint and Q & A. During the learning process, the participants will feel part of community, heard, seen and acceptance.


At the end of the workshop the participants will feel empowered – “I can do this!” and enthusiasm to integrate into their lives and embodiment. There will be book prizes provided by Joya during takeaways session.

Your Facilitator 

Joya Dixon is a heart centered consciousness coach who is passionate about spiritual psychology. She is recently certified from a two-year long course Soul Care Coaching taught by spiritual psychology and author Suzi Lula. In 2021 she graduated as a Conscious Parenting coach from the conscious parenting expert Dr. Shefali's coaching institute. Joya completed 90 hours facilitated short course in Compassionate Inquiry with trauma expert Dr. Gabor Mate. She also successfully completed 115 hours core curriculum in trauma-informed heart & energy medicine as a certified Way of the Luminous Heart practitioner by Francesca Redden.


Born and raised in China, she moved to Europe more than 20 years ago and has inherited the rich, ancient wisdom from her culture and from life experiences. Having faced emotional battles herself, she can relate to the yearning people have for connecting with someone who can hold a space in a non-judgmental, safe, connected and compassionate way. Her practice is heart centered. She provides a safe, ease and trust environment to gently guide the clients to reconnect back to the lost part of themselves within. During her session she provides guiding process and journal prompts to assist client to truly experience the transformation in their body and energy field. Often her clients feel empowered after each session.


Her passion is also aligned with supporting mums. She holds a small intimate online workshop group called Soulcare Mum.


She has a monthly newsletter called Conscious Living on linkedin to introduce and bring wellbeing concept into the cooperate world.

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