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How can Business be a Force for a Positive Impact?

Saturday 3rd of June 15.30-16.30

ECO HUB -Healing Fields

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The intention with this talk is to provide a summary/update on the valuable work being done with ESG. Knowing that the Healing Fields audience tend to oppose capitalism and all that the Corporate world is all about, the aim is to bring light into this often labelled 'dark world'. (none of this will form part of the talk, of course)


The talk will go into Explaining how the UN's SDGs and EU's European Green Deal developments are paving the way for Business to shift their purpose. From purely focusing on short-term profitability and increasing immediate shareholder value to long-term value and sustainibility focusing also on earth care, people care and fair share.


We will walk the audience through the chain reaction required from investors to implementation of business stratgies and why the UN's and EU's (amongst others) work being done with non-financial reporting and the EU taxonomy are essential.


All this will be fortified with examples of corporate sustainability leaders such as Unilever, Patagonia, Natura & io8Co and IKEA. Also possibility of mentioning Thrive and other local cases, such as Trident Park Malta, Go's drive investing in green technologies, APS Bank offering preferred green savings...


Hopefully this will sow the seed of positive views of the Corporate World concerning ESG and maybe have some become ESG Champions at their workplace.

Your Facilitator 


Alex Vella is a Regulatory Risk Management and Governance consultant. An economist (Msc University of Copenhagen) that academically specialised in financial economics and asset pricing. Currently focusing on giving back through refound enthusiasm in sustainable economics and ESG, incorporating the combined experiences gathered by Investment and Risk Management Analysis in forming and being active in the new way of doing business. Alex is also implementing a small permaculture project in Cirkewwa with the intention to learn how to create and cure forest gardens for bigger projects in the future.

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