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Non-Dual Life & Journey to Awakened Authentic Self

Sunday 4th of June 12.00-13.30

GAIA DOME -Healing Fields



Full Consciousness is the Natural State - called Sahaja. It is the end of the search as natural openness is awakened – restful, aware, and alive. It is closer than a blink of an eye. It is our Awakened Authentic Self.” What is Authentic Self? It is awakening to our closest Self, realizing our own essence, here and now. It is not about becoming somebody else but has all to do with opening to the Self that we are. It is about overcoming and transcending inner limitations, suppressions, and conditionings that limit our Full Consciousness potential.

Your Facilitator 


Sat Mindo Damalis is a spiritual guide and founder of New Humanity Life International Academy. For over a decade, Sat Mindo has been assisting spiritual explorers worldwide in opening up to Non-Duality, Enlightenment, and Full Consciousness.


As a result, over a thousand people have benefited from his unique Full Consciousness Transmissions in permanently raising their Consciousness.


Sat Mindo lives on the Maltese Islands and is available to anyone who truly wants to return to the freedom, joy, and peace of their Awakened Natural Authentic Self.

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