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Plant Based Nutrition & Gut Health

Sunday 4th of June 12.00-13.30

ECO HUB -Healing Fields



Join Stephie to find out more about how eating more whole plant based foods can have a positive impact not only on the planet and other animals, but also on your physical and mental health. She will talk about the connection between diet and disease and how making dietary changes can improve your overall health. She will discuss the importance of gut health and helpful ways to balance your gut microbiome to ensure that your immune system is functioning properly while also supporting to balance hormones and serotonin.

Your Facilitator 


Stephie is a certified Naturopathic Nutritional Consultant specialising in healing and health building diets for a wide range of health conditions, gut restoration, and plant based diets for both adults and children. She has worked with many people to help improve their health and has given a number of workshops and talks.

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