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Planting the Seeds of Tomorrow

Saturday 3rd of June 12.00-13.30

ECO HUB -Healing Fields



The practical modalities of life are often set up in family structures and societies. While the majority of the community often just conform to consumerism and what is assumed the norm we are still open to options and choices that allow us to live a life free of burden and full of positive interactions with eachother and the environment. This workshop is set to give a space and time to self reflect on what you envisage your world to look like and how you wish to live. Together we will set the tone of how to achieve these goals both practically and mentally trough a series of discussions that involve practical solution sharing and furthermore how to overcome our own objects and external challenges in our day to day lives. This workshop will allow the time and space for self reflection. Often we are on a journey that involves life goals which are just out of reach or that seem hard to achieve. The fast pace or simply distractions and objections stop us from reaching these ideal situations that we envisage to be in. The workshop is aimed to explore these goals trough discussion and to furthermore to help the participant manifest them through self reflection by the guidance of a short breathing journey that everyone can take away and practise at home.

Your Facilitator 


Cane Vella lives a lifestyle of discovery into the lost technology and methods of doing things that are both simplistic and efficient, and thus, making choices which are sustainable. He is very innovative which is evident in the way he presents these discoveries into modern lifestyle. Furthermore, he strives to share his finding through various public activities such as clean up events, artistic installation and workshops within various dynamic groups within the community.


The passion for such an interest has been built over his lifetime. At a young age, his curiosity about nature and living things was very pronounced and he always questioned various beings. This led to his interest in reading Animal Science at the University of Kent. Upon his return to Malta and the realization of the extent of human threats to the natural environment, he made it a priority to mitigate such influences. He discovered that this is a complex issue and thus works with everyone to cover all areas such as raising awareness about the issues, providing feasible solutions to ministries in charge, and experimenting with new or forgotten ideas to promote them with people that he interacts with. He is very positive and has a vision of a sustainable future with a shifting attitude towards sustainability despite the growing dependencies on technology and modern-day infrastructure which is often reliant on practices which are not so sustainable.


Coming from generations of farmers, who had previously used commercial methods of farming, combined with his passion for nature, Cane took to the land to grow food in a regenerative manor. This way, we can be responsible of our consumption, input the land, and benefit the environment at the same time. He is innovative in his methods, and strives to create and share about these with others.

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